Today's buyer journey is unique, demanding retailers carefully chart customer behavior from clicks to bricks and back again. Where did the customer spend their time? What path did they take? How much attention is the new endcap getting? Shining a light on previously shrouded in-store customer behavior, Enlighted’s groundbreaking IoT platform is ready to solve key retail challenges.

Solutions for Smart Retail are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform delivers key retail sensory information at enterprise scale. With industry-leading sensor technology and a scalable cloud-based software platform, cost-effective solutions for customer/employee location, space utilization, security, and energy savings are within reach.
Enlighted Benefits
Limitless solutions can be delivered from Enlighted’s single, scalable platform. From a single store, group or region, to an entire retail location portfolio, Enlighted’s robust data powers the industry’s most powerful solutions.
Reveal In-Store Buyer Behavior

Understand the missing link – the “Physical Cookie” – showing customer location, path, and timing

Optimize Store Layout and Performance

Immediately see and understand how store layout modifications affect traffic flow

Improve Staff Effectiveness

Ensure consistent customer engagement, re-stock timing, staffing levels, etc.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduce queue times, ensure optimal product placement, and reduce wait times

Reduce Investigation Time

Knowing where people are and when accelerates safety and security investigations

Easy to Deploy, Scale, and Service

Complete system installations can be done quickly, with the same infrastructure supporting all current and future applications

Dramatic Energy Cost Savings

Analyze and program lighting for commercial and environmental factors; deliver up-to-the-minute occupancy data to heating and cooling systems

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program your energy savings pay for your IoT infrastructure.

AT&T is saving over $10 million a year with Enlighted Lighting System.

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