Enlighted's mission is to bring new insights about what is happening inside of buildings, and future-proof them by capturing rich data streams with our building IoT platform. Enlighted is creating new ways to leverage building data, ensuring a safer environment for your employees during COVID-19 and beyond.

COVID-19: Data-Driven Preparation and Response
The Enlighted IoT platform combines industry-leading sensor technology with applications and data analytics. This enables organizations to make data-driven safer workplace plans, and respond if an individual test positive for COVID-19. The system provides data and visualizations of the density and movement of people, monitoring workplace cleaning and disinfection, real-time-overcapacity alerts for crowded spaces, digital contact tracing, and more.
Building a Data-Driven Safer Workplace Strategy
There are many ways that the Enlighted IoT platform can inform and support strategies to create a safer workplace. These solutions are effective for single buildings and campuses and scale for large global enterprise portfolios.
Density Heatmaps Physical Distancing
Occupancy Limits
Motion Trails Identify Bottlenecks
Monitor Cleaning
Employee Location and Digital Contact Tracing
Usage Pattern Analysis

Understand how the facility is used, including which areas have higher or lower employee density. Assess time of day and location-based work patterns to improve physical distancing policies and formulate return to work plans.

Safe Distancing

Reduce occupant density in workspaces and meeting rooms, re-route heavily used pathways, and configure alerts that trigger when a space exceeds safe occupancy.

Better Workplace Sanitization

Use sensor data to optimize and validate cleaning routines. Monitor cleaning crew movements and identify areas that may have been missed. Schedule high traffic and high-density areas for deep cleaning.

Smart Desk Hoteling

Sensors mounted underneath desks identify which workspaces are in use. Connect to a desk reservation system for smart booking. Admins remove or block desks from inventory to improve distancing and use the system to make better use of the overall desk inventory. Obtain analytics on desk usage.

Digital Contact Tracing

Contact tracing that relies on memory is problematic, especially in a workplace setting. Digital contact tracing captures interactions to identify who a COVID-positive employee came into contact with. Admins can also utilize motion playback to see where people who have tested positive have been — to target cleaning efforts.

Privacy Options

Associating individual names with contact tracing tags is not required. Nor is a data-collection app on an individual’s mobile phone. If desired, the system and process can be configured to send notifications using only depersonalized tag IDs. Additionally, all density and bottleneck pathway data is collected anonymously using motion data collected by the sensors.

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