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October 26, 2015
Enlighted Inc.

Q: How does Enlighted work?

Enlighted’s unmatched smart sensor technology gathers data in commercial buildings through light, and individual heat and motion detection. Using a comprehensive platform, Enlighted not only gathers this dense data in real-time, but also transforms it into rich insights that can inform energy and cost savings, space efficiencies, and worker productivity.

Taking that one step further, Enlighted provides tools—like a suite of applications that control HVAC, space utilization, and more—to business leaders so that they can improve their enterprise spaces from afar.

For example, building and facility managers can program light and heat systems to turn on when a space is occupied and turn off when it becomes unoccupied. Enlighted shows building and facility managers how to locate assets and people, and how and when a space is used, allowing for optimized room and floor configurations.

Watch the Enlighted video to learn more.


Q: Is Enlighted an IoT company?

Yes. Lighting has undergone a significant transformation over the past century, from  campfire to incandescent bulbs to smart lighting. But what makes this new lighting “smart”? The answer lies in comparison with another transformation: connectivity and data. At the same time that our light bulbs upgraded their look, we began to interconnect every facet of our lives through a network, even our commercial spaces.

When combined, it makes sense to view lighting in our commercial buildings as a network to create better spaces. Enlighted is an end-to-end IoT solution: we embed sensors that gather data, process the data, and translate that data to insights that make an applicable difference in building and equipment management.


Q: How does Enlighted work with its customers?

  • Retrofit:
    • This involves integrating the Enlighted System with existing lighting systems and infrastructure at the fixture level.
  • New Construction:
    • This involves designing a building for intelligence, and typically involves installing Enlighted-ready lighting fixtures at time of new construction.


Q: What information can Enlighted generate in my building?

Enlighted can detect occupancy, light levels, electrical plug loads, and heat. From these data points, building and facility managers can, at minimum, determine occupancy and space utilization patterns, locate assets and people, optimize light and heat levels for comfort and productivity, and dramatically reduce building energy usage.


Q: When was Enlighted founded and why?

Enlighted was founded in 2009 as a smart lighting company for commercial buildings. One weekend, one of our founders walked along a trail on a large Silicon Valley technology company’s campus. He noticed that nearly every light was on in a nearby building, but only one car was parked in the parking lot.

The potential of smart lighting was born.

As technology and the market evolved, a need for enterprise IoT solutions developed and Enlighted saw an opportunity to provide tangible tools for business leaders to capitalize on building efficiencies, using lighting as an entry point.


Q: Is Enlighted a global company?

Yes. Enlighted has offices and customers around the world, including North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


Q: What does the Enlighted solution include?

Enlighted provides an easy-to-install turnkey solution for building intelligence. The Enlighted System can be installed in as little as two weeks with minor (or no) disruption to operations. An installation includes fixture-level sensors, the Enlighted Energy Manager, the Enlighted Cloud, and the Enlighted Aire and Enlighted Space building management applications.


Q: Is Enlighted a smart lighting company?

Enlighted sensors are installed at the lighting fixture level, and while it is true that we began as a smart lighting company, we also recognize that lighting is simply the entry point into the vast and powerful world of enterprise IoT. Many companies choose to start with smart lighting, but the data-driven building optimization possibilities are endless once Enlighted tools have been installed.


Q: How much does Enlighted cost?

The installation cost for Enlighted varies and can depend on many factors, including total square footage of commercial building space, and whether a lighting upgrade is required. Enlighted installation costs are usually recovered very quickly from energy savings, which average about 60 percent per year after installation.

Qualifying customers can use Global Energy Optimization (GEO), our innovative financing system. GEO customers receive a free installation of Enlighted, and the installation costs are paid back to Enlighted from future energy savings over a pre-agreed term.


Q: How are Enlighted sensors different from other lighting sensors?

In the early days at Enlighted, we understood that the world’s most advanced IoT solution for commercial buildings would only become real if we built the most advanced sensor in the world.

Our sensor uses multiple advanced sensing technologies, combined with world-leading occupancy detection algorithms to deliver reliable, granular, hyperlocal detection of occupancy, light, and heat—in spaces as small as 10ft x 10ft. No other company in the world offers this level of reliability and detail.


Q: Where can I learn more?

Visit us at www.enlightedinc.com or contact a representative to learn more.

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