Why Enlighted

An “Enlighted” building is an IoT powered building. Our vision is that our system acts like the sensory system for your building and helps give your building “consciousness.” With Enlighted your buildings not only become more efficient and comfortable but also increase your teams’ productivity. From our breakthrough sensor technology and pervasive sensor network to real-time data collection and high value applications, Enlighted’s advanced IoT solutions give your building real intelligence, transforming it into a Brilliant Building. That is why we are the Building IoT Platform leader with over 200+ customers in 11 countries, with sensors installed in over 320M square feet of building space at some of the most demanding institutions in the world. Best of all, you can pay for the Enlighted system with your lighting energy savings with no capital outlay.


Enlighted IoT Platform

Enlighted’s industry-leading IoT platform brings commercial real estate into the Internet of Things.

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