Enlighted’s Advanced Lighting Control System with LED fixtures can save organizations up to 90% of their lighting energy costs. This can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. But many companies lack the capital budget and staff to complete these improvements. Now with Enlighted’s Global Energy Optimization (GEO®), the system can be installed with no initial costs or risks up front.

Fastest Way to Energy Savings

Enlighted offers the ONLY lighting-as-a-service, cloud-based intelligent sensor system in the world. It is fully hosted software for lighting savings and real-time visibility across your portfolio with 24/7 access from any browser.

GEO is a revolutionary business model that enables our customers to upgrade their facilities without capital spending, obtaining a lease or exposing themselves to risk. It’s the fastest way to deploy Enlighted’s Sensor Network with LED upgrade across your entire portfolio, and the fastest way to start saving.

  • Enlighted owns and maintains the lighting and intelligent system throughout the agreement
  • Enlighted maintains the software and provides upgrades to the lighting application
  • No debt or capital costs; payments are an operating expense
  • Energy savings offset all operating costs resulting in net P/L benefits
  • Enlighted offers system performance guarantee; if system performs below expectations, Enlighted will make customer’s payment obligations

How GEO Works. The Smarter Way to Go

Enlighted completes the system installation at no initial cost and organizations pay as a service from their lighting energy savings over time. At the end of the agreement, your company retains all of the energy savings.


Capital Expense vs GEO Rollout—The Benefits are Clear

Company 1

Typical Capital Purchase

• Love the Product – 70% Savings

• 11 Partial Buildings (550K Sq. ft)

• $1M Paid as a Capital Expenditure

• Energy Savings: $170K/year

• 100% Adoption: 100 Years

Company 2

GEO Rollout

• Love the Product – 70% Savings

• 201 Buildings (20M Sq.ft)

• $0 Paid (GEO™)

• Energy Savings: $8M/year

• 100% Adoption: 3 Years

GEO Success Stories

Did You Know?

AT&T and Mercy used GEO to fast track their energy savings with no capital output.

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