Lighting Is Only the Beginning

Going far beyond lighting, Enlighted systems give you unparalleled control over the spaces you manage, increasing efficiency and making you smarter about virtually everything.

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Enlighted Advanced Sensors are connected to each light fixture in the building and collect occupancy, ambient light, temperature and energy consumption data.


The Enlighted Gateway aggregates data from individual Smart Sensors and sends it to the Energy Manager for analysis.

Energy Manager

The Energy Manager provides a secure interface to adjust settings, monitor and analyze energy savings and other data collected by the sensor network.

Real-time Data

Enlighted translates data from the sensor network into detailed energy, temperature, and occupancy insights around the clock.

Get the Green Light

Global Energy Optimization (GEO™) is an innovative model that lets you pay less for your lighting utility than the rest of your utility bill. We’ll borrow the money. We’ll assume all the risk.

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Beyond the Switch

Enlighted launched the Lumina Project to advance the role of lighting in transforming our buildings into intelligent, high-performing and healthy ecosystems.

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