Enlighted’s Mange application showing energy savings data.

Configure Lighting

To speed implementation of Enlighted’s sophisticated lighting system, Configure Lighting provides the tools and software required to rapidly create the best design for energy savings and occupant well-being.

Speed to Production Readiness

Enlighted’s Configure Lighting is a comprehensive system consisting of a convenient mobile application combined with specialized tools that make setting up buildings and campuses fast and efficient. Output from Configure Lighting is easily integrated into Enlighted’s Manage system to immediately establish an operating lighting system.

All the Tools You Need.

  • Green laser light to locate sensors
  • Enlighted dongle to search and locate sensors in range
  • Scan blast to ensure no sensor is missed
  • Auditory feedback for numbered sensor commissioning
  • Auditory warning for duplicate sensor detection
  • Separates sensors from plug load controllers
  • Designate sensors to dim during commissioning
  • Shows attributes in real-time during setup
  • Punch list created with sensor locations and notes
  • Automated integration with Enlighted Manage system
  • EnOcean Switches can be configured as a physical switch for fixtures

    Discovery and Commissioning with Ease

    Software-defined lighting works in harmony with an IoT-enabled building.Configure Lighting creates logical links with an intuitive interface.

    Configure Lighting dashboard.
    Configure Lighting USB Dongle

    Enlighted Configure Lighting USB Dongle

    The USB dongle transmits on an 802.15.4 frequency to communicate with Enlighted sensors. It plugs into a tablet’s USB port with a USB Type-C to A.

    ProductUSB Dongle 
    Product CodeUK-01 
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