Workplace Essentials

Entice employees back to the office and orchestrate hybrid work, while collecting valuable utilization information.

Enterprise solutions for hybrid work

Transform your workplace for flexible working, empower employee connections with an intuitive app, and collect valuable insights around space utilization.

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Create delightful hybrid workplaces

Self-determine temperature and shading, reduce the risk of contagion, and streamline facility operations with an employee-controlled app.

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Boost the work experience with easy access to amenities and services

Better connect employees to the services that drive engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. Attract and retain top talent by empowering your people with a consumer-grade application that promotes services and improves their workplace experience.

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The workplace changes as the world changes. Here’s what today’s executives say are essential.

of Business executives  

will switch to hybrid working moving forward

of Organizations 

plan to reduce their portfolio size to align with hybrid work

of Companies 

are ready to implement hybrid work

With the Enlighted platform from Siemens, we will drive the digital transformation of our workplace environment and enable our employees to plan their workday based on their own preferences.

Transformation is hard. It’s why companies choose us.

Employees are requiring new ways of collaborating at the office and interacting with their workspaces. Our customers are making it happen.

  • Nikola
  • Arvato
  • McDonalds
  • Jacobs
  • Entergy
  • Charter Hall
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