Flexible Spaces

Transform your workplace for flexible working, empower employee connections with an intuitive app, and collect valuable insights around space utilization.

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Working smart means working flexibly. Here’s how Enlighted’s solutions help.

Scalable workplace transformation

Easily configure workspaces across your portfolio and create reservable spaces for hybrid work.

Easy employee collaboration

Empower employees to find and collaborate with co-workers in spaces that suit their needs with an intuitive mobile app.

Comprehensive utilization insights

Obtain crucial space utilization and employee preference data to optimize portfolio costs and employee experience.

Flexible Space: How It Works

Collaborate with Coworkers

An easy view of colleague availability and in-office preferences helps decide when and where to work. At the office, see where coworkers are sitting for quick collaboration.

Reserve the Perfect Workspace

Prefer a standing desk? Dual monitors? Need a room with an advanced AV package? Easily locate your favorite spaces and reserve them for solo focused work or team meetings.

Explore Campus

Give employees faster access to the amenities and services you’ve invested in—gyms, cafés, wellness rooms, tech services, and more.

Stay Informed

Receive updates on important corporate notifications and policy updates, upcoming events, available amenities, and more.

Optimize the Office

Employee interactions provide the data needed to understand their preferences: how much – and what types of – office space you truly need. 

Many firms are using hybrid working as a strategy to reduce their office footprint. As firms expand their agile working strategies, they will need to make sure their staff have easy Wi-Fi access and mobile apps with tools that support agile working.

Enable the hybrid work life. See it in action.

The New Era of Workplace Data and Insights

Explore how informed decision-making is helping leaders navigate a transformed workplace reality.

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Insights Access: APIs for Workplace Data

The Insights Access API provides the ability to extract time-series utilization and occupancy data. These data APIs make it seamless to analyze both employees’ intentions to use office space — via reservation data — as well as actual employee behavior via sensor or wifi data.

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