HVAC Integration

Dynamically optimize heating, air conditioning, and air flow based on occupancy. 

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Operating smart means operating efficiently. Here’s how Enlighted’s solutions help.

Lower operational expenses

Occupancy-based heating and cooling creates most efficient operations.

Speed to savings

Leverage standard BMS integration with experience working with standard systems.

Demand response savings

Participate in demand response programs where available and drive additional savings.

HVAC Integration: How It Works

Smart Sensor Input

Intelligent sensors collect information up to 64 times a second to identify occupancy activity.

Wireless Grid Network

Access a distributed HVAC control architecture through which each sensor or group of sensors is capable of controlling the relevant HVAC fixtures independent of the central control hub, creating a resilient system. 

Standard BMS Integration

Occupancy data sends recommendations to HVAC systems via standard BMS integration for a reliable operation.

We can take advantage of this new technology that’s now available to us that wasn’t available to us 5, 10 or 15 years ago and make our buildings much more efficient, and in most cases, much more comfortable for the occupants.

Retrofit for Reduction: Menlo Business Park achieves HVAC efficiency

Occupancy based heating and cooling, integrated with standard BMS, drive sustainability for Menlo Business Park.

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CSU Dominguez Hills Drives Energy Efficiency

See how CSUDH leverages occupancy data to drive energy savings from both lighting and temperature control.

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