Data Services

Make intelligent space decisions, optimize assets and resources, and validate ESG data, while creating safe and pleasing places for occupants, guided by data insights.

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Uncover interactions between people and spaces for improved business decisions.

Actionable insights

Understand how occupants are using spaces to feed key process flows and business decisions.

Asset tracking

Real time location data identifies asset movement, available for a variety of applications.

ESG reporting

Extract energy savings data from Enlighted Lighting Solution for consolidated ESG reporting.

Data Services: How It Works

Enlighted Space application displaying floor occupancy via heat map.
IoT Data From Sensor Wireless Network

Leverage lighting control sensors, desk and room sensors, people-counting and other third-party sensors to collect a broad set of data on activity, movement, temperature, and energy savings.

Woman with glasses looking at monitor with overlay of data.
Correlate With Sophisticated Algorithms

Raw data is difficult to manage or manipulate. Enlighted does the heavy lifting to correlate various data sources with metadata into reports and business insights.

Enlighted Space application showcasing the utilization dashboard.
Multi-Layer Insights

Advantage your business with provided templates and dashboards or use pre-defined APIs to feed standard business intelligence (BI) reporting tools.

Enlighted’s location intelligence app showing a floor plan with active assets and badges.
Feed Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Use provided templates and dashboards or use pre-defined APIs to feed valuable data into Real-Time Location Services (RTLS).

Data feeds your business. Enlighted feeds your data.

Leaders in the know are tuned into the power of data to compete in today’s global markets. By blanketing buildings with a sensory collecting technology, Enlighted delivers vast amounts of correlated, organized, and useful inights for the business of tomorrow.

Occupancy Insights

Discover deep insights from occupancy and utilization data, transformed into visualizations that guide understanding of space use, preferences, and trends. Leverage ready reports and dashboards or uncover new perspectives with internal BI tools by using a range of data APIs.

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Overhead view of team collaborating at a conference table in open concept office.
Location Insights
As part of Enlighted’s Location Intelligence solution, asset and personnel movements are tracked though patented smart sensors embedded in light fixtures together with long life tags and badges. Leverage this real time data via an API and integrate with existing or new Real Time Location Systems to reduce asset loss and create efficient and safe workflows.
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Efficiency Insights

Enlighted captures and records energy savings data from occupancy-based lighting controls that can contribute to overall ESG reporting purposes. Using a set of energy data APIs, combine with other internal data to understand progress against sustainability goals.

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Occupancy Insights Transform the Way Space Operates

Enlighted Customers are Prepared! Presented here are three Enlighted customer stories, from organizations leading the way creating smart, digitized buildings and using smart building IoT data for occupancy insights. They demonstrate what’s possible with occupancy data and insights to adjust space to occupant behavior and to meet business objectives.

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Overhead view of team collaborating at a conference table in open concept office.

Research and Development space consists of areas that are designed for lab requirements and others for data preparation and reporting. We needed to understand the dynamics of all spaces to be able to inform sound facilities decisions. With data from Enlighted Data Services – Occupancy Insights, we are able to gain a complete time-based analysis of activities, movement and occupancy for all types of spaces in our environment.

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