Occupancy Insights

Data collected from lighting and other sensors combine with movement and behavior data to unlock insights around space utilization. Reach sustainability goals by leveraging occupancy insights for a smarter use of space.

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Let the data lead the way to a sustainable future.

Comprehensive data capture

Time series movement data is captured every 65 seconds across the building.

Space management simplified

Measure use of building space for data-driven space validation or reallocation.

Workplace intent

Reservation and workplace engagement data uncovers space use trends.

Occupancy Insights: How It Works

Collect Data from IoT Sensors and Workplace App

From embedded, patented sensors in lighting devices to surface sensors and workplace engagement data, Enlighted collects, ingests, and manages massive volumes of data securely in the cloud for customers.

Correlate with Sophisticated Algorithms

Raw data is difficult to manage or manipulate. Enlighted does the heavy lifting to correlate various data sources with metadata into reports and business insights.

Leverage Multi-layered Visualization

Sophisticated dashboards and reports provide views of time-series data to uncover occupancy trends and opportunities for productive space decisions.

Drive Value with Data APIs

Advantage your business by leveraging data APIs to use within standard IWMS or Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Combine with other operational, relevant data to make refined business decisions around people and space.

The Research and Development space consists of areas that are designed for lab requirements and others for data preparation and reporting. We needed to understand the dynamics of all spaces to be able to make sound facilities decisions. With data from Enlighted Data Services – Occupancy Insights, we gain a complete time-based analysis of activities, movement and occupancy for all types of spaces in our environment.


Achieve real estate resilience by understanding how space is used today and recognizing emerging trends for the future. Inform space reduction, reallocation, and design decisions using data insights.

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Workplace Insights

By taking actions with Enlighted’s mobile workplace app, employees signal their space preferences, preferred times in office and most used areas, such as conference rooms. Use Enlighted’s workplace APIs to uncover the trends.

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