Lighting Solution

Occupancy and software-defined smart lighting controls designed to help you reach Net Carbon Zero goals.

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Intelligent lighting opens a world of energy efficiency and pathways to meet ESG goals.

Software-defined lighting

Create your own schema for zones and lighting logic with software and reconfigure with ease.

Energy savings

Experience up to 90% reduction in lighting energy use with an occupancy-based system.

Reach sustainability goals

Configure lighting system to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Lighting Solution: How It Works

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Patented Lighting Sensors

Arrays of intelligent sensors blanket open areas to provide control input and data collection. Desk, room, people-counting and other third-party sensors can be incorporated.

Enlighted’s wireless mesh network layered over an arial view of a warehouse.
Wireless Grid Network

A distributed lighting control architecture with each sensor, or group of sensors, are capable of controlling relevant light fixtures independently, creating redundancy and resiliency.

Enlighted’s Manage dashboard displaying task tuning data.
Configurations and Tuning

Configure zones based on individual lighting needs.  Accommodate task tuning, occupancy monitoring, daylight grouping, and harvesting. Input and control temperature and intensity adjustments for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy manage dashboard showcasing energy savings.
Energy Savings Dashboard

Manage the Enlighted IoT platform and wireless sensors using a web-based user interface for system management. View energy consumption and savings in real time.

Enlighted’s Occupancy Insights displaying room usage throughout the day.
Insights on Occupancy, Temperature and Activity

Lighting sensors provide time-series activity data at a rate of 65 times per second, creating the basis for analytic insights.

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Lighting Retrofit Case Studies

A flexible path to smart IoT buildings. Learn how 8 organizations across industries achieved significant ROI and improved occupant comfort with lighting retrofits from Enlighted.

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We can group fixtures and control them beyond a traditional on/off occupancy sensor. This allows for entire aisles to be lit only while in use for optimal savings and safety.

Solving space, people, productivity and sustainability needs – all at once.

CSU Dominguez Hills Drives Energy Efficiency

See how CSUDH leverages occupancy data to drive energy savings from both lighting and temperature control.

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