Corporate Amenities

Better connect employees to the services that drive engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction. Attract and retain top talent by empowering your people with a consumer-grade application that promotes services and improves their workplace experience.

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Drive utilization of workplace services. Here’s how Enlighted’s solutions help.

Improved employee efficiency

Configure integrations with smart parking, locker reservation, cafeteria menus, and food services to reduce employee friction.

Highly-utilized workplace perks

Drive utilization of the most impactful amenities, improving your ROI in corporate amenities.

Automated facility requests

Enhance workplace operations with simple-to-use work orders and cleaning requests.

Corporate Amenities: How It Works

Reserve a Locker

Sign up for a locker prior to coming to the office. Use a touchless in-app open feature once onsite to open and lock.

Check for Parking

Prior leaving for work, check parking situation to determine best exiting timing and routes. Once onsite, locate available spots.

Submit a Work Order

Easily use the app to open a ticket for building maintenance requests, automatically integrated with most common BMS systems.

See What’s on the Menu

Check what’s available at the cafeteria, even prior coming to the office.

Check Transportation Options

Check your favorite public transportation schedule on the way to work, and once onsite, see if there are any delays for the way home.

Workplace and Experience: Focusing on Health and Wellness

A successful hybrid workplace environment doesn’t just happen – it is the result of careful planning and a vision based on specific goals and objectives.

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With the Enlighted platform, we will drive the digital transformation of our workplace environment and enable our employees to plan their workday based on their own preferences.

Meet the experts from Siemens, UC Berkeley and MillerKnoll as they discuss the new age of work.

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