Integration & Implementation

Enlighted brings expertise implementing solutions that operate in real customer environments with standard building system integrations. Additional new technologies are added as market and customer demands dictate. 

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Enable and ignite a smooth transition to Enlighted’s solutions. Here’s how we help.

Global exerience

Tap into mature teams with global program rollout experience.

Speed & flexibility

Shift to production speedily and with confidence. Access a flexible array of application configurations.

Innovation & knowledge transfer

Gain advantages of new technology versions and  seamlessly transfer knowledge to enable your team.

How Implementations Works

Initiation and Discovery

Every engagement begins with a client kick-off session, followed by a series of information gathering and readiness prep sessions.


Global implementation teams work with onsite personnel to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation process.


Teams of Quality Assurance engineers and Customer Success representatives follow a checklist of verification tasks.


Upon mutually agreed upon testing completio, implementation teams provide a hand off to Enlighted’s Customer Success teams.

We understand that our customers are putting the success of their operations in our hands, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. With each integration we perform, each building we onboard, and each set of employees using our mobile app, we gain new levels of learning to bring to the next engagement.

Leading integrations best suited for your business.

Enlighted’s data feeds a vast array of existing building technologies and platforms.

Maintenance Ticketing Systems

Integration with standard ticketing and workflow systems, such as ServiceNow from mobile app Flexible Spaces.

HVAC (temperature control) Integrations

Interoperability with most building management systems that operate on the BACnet protocol.

Access Control Systems

Integration with Siemens Syveillance access control system.

Location Services

Integration with Pointr technologies for bluedot navigation within the mobile app Flexible Spaces.

Business Intelligence Software

Through seamless data APIs, Enlighted integrates with popular BI tools, such as Tableau, Power BI and SAP Cloud Analytics.

Third Party Sensors

Integration with a wide array of sensors to provide visibility into space occupancy, environmental, and energy usage.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Enlighted systems integrate with Siemens and other third-party building management systems.

Energy Managment Systems

Enlighted solutions have been integrated with building energy systems for consolidated reporting as well as occupancy-based actions.

Accelerate digital transformation with Siemens Xcelerator

Enlighted is part of the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace, where a wealth of solutions, where global companies can explore interoperable technologies as part of the Siemens business platform.

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