Environmental Controls

Balance sustainability with occupant comfort and put on-demand environmental controls in occupants’ hands via a mobile app. 

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Drive new levels of efficiency in your spaces. Here’s how Enlighted’s solutions help.

Employee comfort and control

Using a simple app employees request temp changes fulfilled via automated HVAC integration.

Generate energy savings

Realize up to 20% savings over time as heating and cooling is reduced when not needed.

Reduce maintenance calls

Self-service temperature change requests eliminate expensive in-person maintenance.

Environmental Controls: How It Works

Set Upper and Lower Limits

Begin by establishing a wide deadband between the upper and lower temperature limits for heating and cooling.

Divide Spaces into Zones

Each temperature zone should correlate to an HVAC area of control, thereby aligning employee requests to change actions.

Employees “Vote” on Temperature Changes

Employees use their smart mobile app to request changes in temperature. The more votes for a particular change – the more likely to move the needle.

System Algorithm Learns Preference Pattern

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms help identify request patterns.

Drift Back Set Points

Slowly drift back set points to a wider band, realizing energy savings over time.

From a practical perspective, it’s a lot easier for me to change the temperature on my phone than it is to send an email, have the team that manages that then have the maintenance person go out, and then log into something else to make changes.

Estimating HVAC energy savings with Enlighted’s Environmental Controls

Discover how putting temperature control in the hands of employees can result in impactful savings.

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