Turn everyday spaces into extraordinary places.

From brilliant building technology to delightful occupant experiences, Enlighted’s integrated solutions are the brightest ways to operate, orchestrate, and optimize space investments.

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Three employees talking on a skybridge. Three employees talking on a skybridge.
NEW! The Radio Module

Our latest innovation in lighting technology creates a more flexible path from building automation to IoT integration.

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Lighting fixture with an Enlighted sensor embedded

Solve space, productivity and sustainability needs – all at once.

Our industry-leading IoT Sensors, Lighting and Environmental Controls, and Workplace Experience apps connect and integrate to create a powerful blend of automation, control, and business intelligence across building space needs.

Building modernization

Connect, sense, control, and optimize building capabilities and operations for optimal safety, security, and comfort.

Space optimization

Manage and adapt physical spaces for optimal space utilization, process efficiency, and occupant experiences.

Business productivity

Improve business efficiency and resilience while engaging employees to do their best work in a positive environment.

Accelerate sustainability

Increase energy and resource efficiency while connecting occupants to a shared, positive impact purpose.

Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking Smart Building Potential
Explore the transformative capabilities of Enlighted AI, making buildings more intelligent, sustainable, and responsive to occupant needs.
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AI illustrated in buildings
  • Everyday stories about extraordinary places.

    Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but each small step is progress toward building a brighter tomorrow.

    Like Veeco, a warehousing and logistics provider that leveraged smart sensors to reduce lighting energy load by 59 percent.

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    Warehouse with employees working in the foreground.
  • An office success story

    Workplace Technology is enabling Aravto Financial Solutions real estate decision makers to better understand how their office spaces are being used, make data-driven decisions about space management, and plan ahead for future needs.

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    Five professionals meeting in a brightly lit conference room.
  • An education success story

    California State University, Dominguez Hills has ambitious but critical sustainability goals to achieve. See how Enlighted’s IoT helps CSUDH reduce energy consumption while saving money.

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    Teacher lecturing in front of a diverse college class. Students listen attentively.
  • A healthcare success story

    By partnering with Enlighted on Advanced Lighting Control and building IoT capabilities, NHS is achieving dramatic lighting energy savings, while maximizing asset usage and improving people counting and wayfinding.

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    Female doctor and male nurse have a discussion in the middle of a busy hallway
  • A retail success story

    Schiever, a French mass retailer with 10 brands, leveraged the Enlighted IoT platform to transform its warehouse operations and achieve significant cost savings while also meeting their sustainability goals.

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    Two women in a warehouse, holding iPads looking up at the upper shelves.
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The trusted solution to orchestrate portfolio transformation at scale.

Around the world and across industries, we help customers navigate portfolio challenges and seize the megatrend opportunities that are shaping the future of real estate.

  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • WWE
  • Salesforce
  • CCAC
  • Agilent
The brightest way to reach Net Carbon Zero.

Use space resources to elevate sustainability goals, connect occupants to a shared purpose, and generate positive impact.

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Seated woman on her phone in a waiting room with a lush vertical garden. Seated woman on her phone in a waiting room with a lush vertical garden.
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The brightest way to operate, orchestrate, and optimize everyday spaces.

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