Energy Management

A comprehensive user interface tracks energy savings with simplified lighting control management, power metering, and building insights.

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Access current and historical perspectives of your energy savings

Real-time views

Understand results of system turnings and optimization actions.

Historic perspective

Identify trends and take action based on data – not conjecture.

Track ESG progress

Over time, see progress against sustainability goals.

Energy Management: How It Works

Lighting Configuration and Tuning

Energy management begins with Enlighted’s efficient Lighting Solution based on occupancy and tuning configuration.

Tuning and Optimization

Advantage your sustainability plan with regular reviews, tuning and measurements, either with your team or with Enlighted’s assistance.

The Manage Application  Access

Install and configure the MANAGE system (hardware and dashboard), with standards-based communications protocols.

Data Collection and Reporting

Take advantage of the MANAGE advanced dashboard to identify energy usage trends and savings.

Data APIs

Continuously pull lighting energy usage data to analyze and consolidate with other ESG reporting.

Our main key objective was linked to cost saving so we could plough those savings back into the classroom for our children. So far the lighting that we have fitted, compared to the previous lighting, has saved us 87%, which is great news for the decarbonization of our school.

Efficiency Insights

Enlighted captures and records energy savings data from occupancy-based lighting controls that can contribute to overall ESG reporting purposes. Using a set of energy data APIs, combine with other internal data to understand progress against sustainability goals.

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