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Enlighted Edge Gateway

The Enlighted Edge Gateway offers seamless integration with Siemens and third-party systems through BACnet/IP, allowing for multi-protocol communication and facilitating streaming sensor data via standard protocols. This solution unlocks the full potential of smart buildings by laying the foundation for building automation, energy management, security, and a range of other building applications by facilitating a standard-based, secured communication protocol between building systems.

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A bridge for faster IoT data sharing and integration

The Edge Gateway is an add-on accessory to the Enlighted Lighting Solution, facilitating low latency (real-time) data transmission, and interfacing with third-party systems to enhance the Enlighted system functionality. The Edge Gateway software is deployed on a Siemens Connect X300 hardware box and installed on site.

Harness real-time data insights

  • Facilitates a standard-based, secured communication protocol between building systems using MQTT, DTDL, BACnet/IP, and UDMI protocols
  • Enables system data flows, data analysis and low latency control inputs by building systems
  • Reduces reliance on constant cloud connectivity
  • Seamlessly integrates with Siemens and third-party building management systems via BACnet/IP
  • Improves lighting controls, seamlessly synchronizing switch and motion groups across gateways
  • Improves overall building performance

    Did You Know?

    Edge Gateway allows users to override system lighting settings, giving users local lighting control over spaces.

    Edge Hardware Box

    Enlighted Edge Gateway

    Performance:High-performance use cases
    Power supply:DC 24V
    Network interfaces:1 LAN and 1 WAN ports 

    The Enlighted Edge Gateway is designed to connect building devices to the Enlighted System through the internet. The device offers multi-protocol support including MQTT, DTDL, UDMI, and BACnet, as well as easy commissioning to connect a wide range of both Enlighted and third-party building products quickly and efficiently.

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