Premium Support Services

Premium Support Services help you realize maximum value from your IoT platform and data with dedicated professional expertise, leading-edge innovation and ongoing responsiveness to achieve your organization’s goals. 

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Enlighted’s tiered support meets you where you are. Here’s how it helps.

Improved efficiency

Realize efficiency gains and cost savings through increased training, security improvements, and new feature releases.

Reduced system downtime

Access continuous support during and after normal business hours.

Optimized productivity

Ensure occupants achieve the productivity and comfort they need with expert assistance.

Flexible levels designed for a spectrum of needs

Choose from three tiers of support service to meet your facility’s specific needs, based on its location and use.

Tier 1: Essential

Best-suited for:

  • Facilities operating with weekday, business hours only
  • Non-business critical spaces
  • Example: limited use office locations, warehouses, and storage spaces
Tier 2: Priority

Best-suited for:

  • Facilities with weekday use only
  • Need for high energy efficiency and reduced costs
  • Minimal or non-critical weekend use
  • Example: office buildings with limited weekend access
Tier 3: Priority 24/7

Best-suited for:

  • Business-critical facilities with continuous high availability needs
  • Buildings with high energy efficiency and reduced costs needs
  • Example: high-use office facilities (always available), high utilization manufacturing sites, medical facilities, education facilities

Improve system efficiency and energy savings by working with the experts

Service descriptionEssentialPriorityPriority 24/7
2-hour remote response time Included in Tier 1 Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3
Business-hours technical support Included in Tier 1 Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3
After business-hours technical supportNot Included in Tier 1 Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3
Energy savings optimizationNot Included in Tier 1 Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3
Named solution engineerNot Included in Tier 1 Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3
24/7 SupportNot Included in Tier 1Not Included in Tier 2 Included in Tier 3

At Enlighted, our experience comes from decades serving a wide range of global companies.

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