All of Enlighted’s IoT enabling sensors.


At the heart of Enlighted’s IoT solution sits our patented, software-defined smart sensor. Measuring ambient light, motion (PIR), energy consumption, and temperature, along with Bluetooth® capabilities and wireless connectivity.

Sensing multiple aspects of an IoT-enabled space


A digital passive infrared (PIR) sensor supports precise motion identification while minimizing false detection.


Light-level schedules, preferences, and behavior profiles are locally stored to ensure continuous operation.


Separate ambient sensing detects shifts in temperature.


Enlighted Control Units, via the serial interface, capture energy consumption data.


A BLE radio allows the sensor to receive and transmit beacons with lighting control devices and other sensors.

Energy savings

  • Task tuning/high-end trimming
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Occupancy/vacancy detection
  • Auto and advanced demand response programs
  • Time-of-day dimming schedule
  • Real-time energy savings report

Comfort and convenience

  • Advanced occupancy detections
  • Light-level stability
  • Configurable Dim-and-Linger occupancy
  • Personalized setting profile
  • Stay-with-me lighting effect
  • Fixture outage report
Did You Know?

Enlighted Smart Sensors are Title-24 and ASHRAE 90.1 compliant right out of the box.

Surface Sensor

The Surface Sensor is designed for quick-and-easy installation directly on workplace surfaces such as conference room ceilings or under desks. And is powered by a standard USB interface, making the deployment completely independent of lighting systems.

Micro Sensors

The Enlighted Micro Sensor, in either a 2-wire adaptor or 8-pin configuration, is our fifth-generation sensor. With integrated wireless communications for data transmission and remote configurationas well as autonomous fixture-level control, this sensor brings advanced lighting automation to a whole new level.

Radio Module

The Radio Module delivers all the functionality of connected lighting to enable seamless integration to the Enlighted network system and with any lighting fixtures from any manufacturer. It replaces traditional control wiring, communicates with sensors and other devices wirelessly, and enables distributed lighting control functionality.

High Bay Sensor

The High Bay sensor, available in either an 8-pin or 2-wire configuration, is designed for indoor applications with high ceilings such as warehouses, atriums, and manufacturing facilities.

Ruggedized Sensor

The high bay Ruggedized Sensor is available in either an 8-pin or 2-wire configuration. It is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations that requires a sensor with an IP65 rating.

Ruggedized Micro Sensor

The Low Bay Ruggedized Micro Sensor is available in an 8-pin configuration. It is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations that requires a sensor with an IP65 rating.

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