Geodis recognized significant cost reductions in its operations while also installing an IoT platform to achieve ongoing efficiencies.

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GEODIS is the number one Transport and Logistics operator in France and ranked number four in Europe. GEODIS manages its customers Supply Chain by providing industry leading end-to-end solutions driven by innovation and technology. Their international reach includes a global network spanning over 120 countries.

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Learn how Enlighted customer Geodis transformed its logistics operations with the Enlighted IoT Platform.


As a key part of meeting their energy efficiency and employee wellbeing objectives, Geodis has made it their responsibility to modernize their inefficient discharge lighting system to reduce energy usage. With Enlighted’s advanced lighting solution, Geodis will also achieve their goal of improving working conditions with comfortable lighting that can be changed based on working environments.


Geodis, achieved significant results through their partnership with Enlighted. By deploying 22,000 Enlighted sensors and implementing LED lighting retrofits across 16 buildings, they were able to increase energy efficiency and reduce lighting energy consumption by 90%. Additionally, Geodis leveraged SPACE, Enlighted’s visualization application to analyze occupancy and movement data, resulting in enhanced warehouse efficiency and security. Geodis also prioritized occupant comfort by optimizing lighting across various workspace types and implementing task tuning functionality. The use of geo-tracking alerts also improved the security of valuable assets by monitoring entry into restricted areas and providing increased visibility into warehouse operations.

“This system, which offers many advantages, will also allow us greater control over our operating costs and more dynamic management of our real estate.”

— Stéphane Cassagne, Corporate Secretary, Geodis
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