Touchless Workplace

Self-determine temperature and shading, reduce the risk of contagion, and streamline facility operations with an employee-controlled app.

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Your employees are looking for safety and flexibility. Here’s how Enlighted helps.

Increased productivity and comfort

On-demand environmental control increases employee satisfaction and confidence in the workplace.

Facilities resources, freed up

Automated controls reduce work orders and limit the amount of necessary on-site staff.

Reduced energy consumption

Widen HVAC deadbands in areas with limited activity and reduce over-conditioning to lower overall energy consumption by up to 20%.

Touchless Workplace: How It Works

Touchless Temperature Control

Access on-demand control to warm or cool a space. Machine learning identifies personal temperature preferences and proactively applies them over time.

Touchless Lighting Control

Quickly and conveniently modify an area’s lighting to one that’s most conducive to productivity. Employees can control brightness and toggle between various types of lighting.

Touchless Window Shades

Use digital controls to raise or lower an area’s window shading, allowing employees to create ideal shading for their working environment.

Touchless Elevators

Call and operate elevators using the application to avoid high-touch surfaces throughout the building.

To address the rise of hybrid working, companies will need to transform how people work, where they work and how work gets done. Technology will play a critical role in this transformation.

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