Data Centers

Drive energy efficient operations, create safe work environments and maintain inventory integrity.

Discover the power of occupancy based lighting controls and IoT data insights

Energy savings

Occupancy based lighting creates maximum savings towards ESG goals.

Safer Operating Conditions

Rich lighting configurations allow for zone level controls: lower levels for video operation; high levels for detailed work.

Equipment Audit Control

Track expensive data center equipment movement and receive alerts when designated boundaries are breached.

  • Data Center hallway view.
    Energy Savings

    Ability to achieve carbon neutrality in data centers is challenging due to heavy energy use.


    Enlighted Lighting Solution reduces energy used for lighting while providing occupancy data and insights.


    Lighting energy reduction of up to 80%.

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    Safety and Security

    Data centers consist of different work “zones” that require drastically different lighting treatments.


    Enlighted Lighting Solution offers zone-based lighting configurations for maximum working comfort and energy efficiency.


    Improved working conditions and energy savings.

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    Asset Audit Control

    Tracking and maintaining data center inventory is challenging.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence tracks equipment and can detect and alert if removed from designated zones, preventing loss and contributing to refined audit control.


    Reduce data center equipment loss and provide consistent audit trail.

Enlighted for Data Centers: Key Technologies at Work

Enlighted sensors.
Patented Sensors

Software enabled sensors blanket the ceiling of the data center, embedded in lighting fixtures. The ability to detect movement, temperature and occupancy create a strong sensing environment.

Grid network.
Wireless Grid Network

Data centers are already outfitted with a complex set of wirings, depending on the servers and purpose. Enlighted’s IoT network operates over a wireless grid, avoiding the addition of new wires to already crowded wiring trays.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Configure zones based on individual lighting needs. Accommodate task tuning, occupancy monitoring, grouping and daylight harvesting. Input and control temperature and intensity adjustments for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Enlighted Location Intelligence.
Location Intelligence

Leveraging the existing lighting sensor infrastructure, Enlighted Location Intelligence can track equipment locations as they move through the data center, even alerting if they move out of a zone or the building.

Two employees working on a lap top in a data center.
Leadership Perspectives: Reinvention of Sustainable Data Centers

Enlighted’s Franco Castaldini, VP of Strategy and Colm Nee, Head of Product and CTO share insights on the challenges facing data center managers and opportunities to improve the energy profiles of their environments.

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