Streamline campus operations and reduce energy costs with Smart Campus IoT.

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Illuminate your campus with IoT enabled lighting and smart building automation

Campus building modernization

IoT-enabled lighting ensures reliable lighting and heating across the campus with space intelligence to adapt building uses.

Energy and utility savings

Unlock up to 90% on energy savings and cut down utility bills through occupancy-based HVAC and lighting automation.

Data-driven space optimization

Avoid space buildouts with insights that highlight opportunities to repurpose space, forecast enrollment, and efficiently maintain the campus.

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    Energy Savings

    Rising energy costs, constrained budgets and a need to reduce carbon footprint require immediate action plans.


    Enlighted’s Lighting Solution uses patented sensors and software to automate lighting and HVAC based on percent of space used across complex campus buildings.


    Modernized lighting and temperature control for energy savings of up to 90%.

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    Reallocate Space

    Balancing new requests with goals to reduce space and avoid new buildouts is difficult without understanding exactly how space is being used.


    Track attendance trends and occupant behavior with Occupancy Insights. Reallocate under-utilized spaces to support enrollment forecasting and staffing.


    Delay new build-outs by leveraging exisiting space.

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    Smart Cleaning

    Staff and contractors are among the highest expenses of facility teams yet cleaning routines and staffing are not informed by occupancy information.


    Enlighted Data Services includes occupancy data insights to monitor and route cleaning and stocking based on high traffic spaces, such as restrooms.


    Support safety and health of students and staff while reducing maintenance costs.

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    Student Safety

    Emergency drill compliance is difficult to measure to accurately assess preparedness.


    Track drill performance with Occupancy Insights that show traffic patterns and speed of movement to highlight areas for refinement.


    Improved emergency preparedness, student confidence and campus safety.

Enlighted for Education: Key Technologies at Work

Enlighted lighting solution hardware.
Lighting Solution

Drive down energy costs across campus or department managed buildings. Leverage sophisticated configurations, and gather real-time occupancy data with patented smart sensors embedded in LED lights. Experiment and tune to achieve maximum energy savings while providing well-lit areas for work.

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HVAC Integration
HVAC Integration

HVAC controls dynamically optimize heating, air conditioning, and air flow based on occupancy.

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Enlighted Manage dashboard on computer.

Access data analysis views for data harvested by the Enlighted Smart Sensors for energy, occupancy, and environmental factors.

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Data services dashboard
Data Services

Make intelligent campus reallocation decisions, optimize assets and resources, and meter ESG data, while creating safe and pleasing places for the campus community.

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California State University Dominguez Hills campus building.
California State University Dominguez Hills

To combat rising energy costs and achieve sustainability goals, CSUDH reduced their energy spend by 90%, resulting in total savings of $1 million.

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