Commercial Real Estate

Drive down energy costs, leverage sophisticated configurations, and gather real-time occupancy data with patented smart sensors embedded in LED lights.

Lower energy costs, optimize the use of space and create a comfortable and productive environment for occupants

Occupancy-based lighting and HVAC control for significant savings

Lower annual operating costs while implementing optimal lighting and temperature environments.

Generate higher value per square foot

Lighting-embeded sensors detect vital occupancy and utilization data for accurate space reallocation and portfolio right-sizing decisions.

Meaningful hybrid space interactions

Foster in-office collaboration with a convenient way to book spaces near preferrable amenites and coworkers.

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    Energy Cost Savings

    High operational costs due to inability to meter energy use until billed. Addressing hot/cold calls strains facilities resources.


    Enlighted Lighting Solution uses sensors and software to automate lighting and HVAC adjustments based on occupancy.


    Up to 90% reduction in utility expenses without compromising occupant comfort and convenience.

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    Right-Size Space

    Making fiscally responsible portfolio decisions by understanding space utilization data and trends.


    Address organizational space requirements and identify unused space to reallocate or divest with Occupancy Insights.


    Reduce real estate footprint, reduce cost per square foot and optimize existing space usage.

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    Redesign Space

    Space design and implementation of hybrid working policies are challenging without reliable occupancy data.


    Occupancy Insights offers utilization and activity data to inform designs for the most optimal use of space.


    Reduce cost per square foot and make space allocation decisions that benefit occupants and the business.

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    Flexible Space Booking

    Employee hesitancy to return to the office is impacting productivity and collaboration.


    Workplace Essentials help coworkers coordinate hybrid schedules through a user-friendly app that drives collaboration while delivering utilization data for space planning.


    Improve hybrid working satisfaction while maximizing value per square foot with increased space sharing ratios.

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    Smart Cleaning

    Cleaning routes aren’t adapted to usage, leading to waste and inefficient staff resourcing.


    Using Occupancy Insights, monitor and route cleaning and stocking to support high use times and facilities.


    Support safety and health of employees while reducing maintenance costs.

Enlighted for Commerical Real Estate: Key Technologies at Work

Lighting Solutions hardware.
Lighting Solution

Drive down energy costs across campus or department managed buildings. Leverage sophisticated configurations, and gather real-time occupancy data with patented smart sensors embedded in LED lights. Experiment and tune to achieve maximum energy savings while providing well-lit areas for work.

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HVAC Integration
HVAC Integration

HVAC controls dynamically optimize heating, air conditioning, and air flow based on occupancy.

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Enlighted Manage application dashboard.
Data Services

Make intelligent space reallocation decisions, optimize assets and resources, and meter ESG data, while creating safe and pleasing places for employees.

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Flexible Spaces application.
Workplace Essentials

Easily configure faculty workspaces across your portfolio and create reservable spaces for hybrid work. Obtain crucial space utilization and preference data to optimize space.

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Menlo Business Park – Case Study

Discover how Silicon Valley Office Park achieved a 30% energy bill reduction with Enlighted’s IoT technology.

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Accelerate the digital transformation of your workplace with Siemens Xcelerator

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