Menlo Business Park

Menlo Business Park found Enlighted's potential for a fast return on their investment incredibly compelling.

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Customer Profile

Menlo Business Park is one of the premier office parks on the San Francisco Peninsula for young scientific companies. This centrally-located campus offers office, lab and warehouse space to small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms.

United States
Commercial Real Estate
Space Types
Laboratory, Office
Occupant Comfort, OPEX Reductions
Square Footage
500,000 sq. ft. across 12 buildings


To keep the space attractive and affordable, Tarlton Properties, the owner/property management firm, is open to short-term leases and tightly manages operating expenses. VP Dave Tarlton explains, “We can make a huge contribution to innovation and economic growth by simply providing quality space to our tenants that is free of unnecessary cost and hassle. It takes a phenomenal amount of energy just to keep the lights on and the temperatures right for scientific work. So utility consumption management is a priority.”


An integrated lighting and HVAC energy upgrade, involving the retrofit of 5,000 fluorescent fixtures with new lamps, dimming ballasts and an Enlighted control platform, as well as the installation of 250 new programmable thermostat controls. Greater energy savings are possible by taking advantage of data from multiple control systems. The Menlo Business Park strategy involved the following steps:

  • Enlighted’s Energy Manager provided per sensor occupancy and temp data via BACnet to a BMS
  • The BMS integration provider mapped sensors to physical HVAC zones
  • BMS integration provider wrote light-logic to make decisions using sensor data

This integrated approach enables HVAC optimizations based on the occupancy data reported by the Enlighted Sensor:

  • Turning off or down HVAC when occupancy is reduced or there is none
  • Reducing airflow (close or partially shut VAVs) when occupancy is reduced
  • Using micro-zone temperature data to fine-tune thermostat setpoints
Self-service Community

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Menlo Business Park has reduced its electricity bill by 30 percent combining the results of lighting and HVAC upgrades.

According to the energy auditor, the business park is realizing about 5 percent HVAC energy savings through optimized scheduling and another 15 percent by making the per-lighting fixture occupancy and temperature data available to the HVAC controller. The lighting controls reduce heat and produce an additional 10 percent HVAC savings throughout the year.

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