Enlighted products optimize resources while ensuring occupant comfort, productivity, and control.

Explore our industry-leading hardware, software applications, and data capabilities below.

Three people sitting in a sunlit office.


Family shot of Enlighted hardware products.

Capture building activity data to drive operating efficiences, enhance productivity, and create sustainable, human-centric spaces.


Patented and software-defined to drive energy savings and productivity


Relays sensor data to the energy manager for insights and reporting

Edge Gateway

Enabling real-time data integration and effortless interfacing with third-party systems

Room Control

Save energy, increase comfort or tailor illumination to tasks

Asset Tags

A range of long-life asset tags and badges


Rapid, user-friendly tools for energy-efficient lighting design

Software Applications

Location intelligence application screen showing the movement of assets and people.

The industry’s most comprehensive, scalable, and fastest time-to-value software applications.


Easily configure lighting systems and analyze data

Location Intelligence

RTLS software to track and manage assets and people


A state-of-the-art platform designed to enhance workplace flexibility

Data Capabilities

Enlighted Space application showing a heat map overlayed on a floor plan based on traffic movement.

Leverage IoT and SaaS data to create an adaptive cycle of dynamic, real-time, actionable business intelligence.


Visualization of building usage, occupancy, and patterns

Insights Access

Intent and behavior data from the workplace technology app

Location Insights

APIs for integrations with BI tools and third-party applications

Occupancy Insights

Visualizations and insights from occupancy and utilization data

Efficiency Insights

Asset and people movement data at your fingertips

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