Drive down energy costs, optimize operational efficiency and ensure a safer work environment

Warehouse worker looking at ipad checking inventory.

Discover the power of occupancy based lighting controls and IoT data insights

Energy Savings

Achieve up to 90% energy savings when combined with LED fixtures using Enlighted occupancy based lighting control and HVAC integration.

Material Flow Optimization

Efficiently manage inventory, prevent loss of valuable assets, and automate materials audits. Reduce expenses from product overstock.

Safer Workspaces

Create safer work environments by understanding and optimizing machinery and people movements, alerting for unauthorized access or unsafe behaviors.

  • Two workers tracking materials in industrial factory.
    Operations Optimization

    Difficulty in tracking personnel and material movement in industrial spaces leads to workflow inefficiencies and inventory loss.


    With Occupancy Insights and Location Intelligence, track activities for optimal workflow and inventory management.


    Improved visibility, reduced inventory losses, increased productivity, and reduced waste.

  • Two warehouse workers in vests auditing inventory on an ipad.
    Real-Time Auditing

    Managing excess inventory due to the challenge of manually finding materials for auditing purposes.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence with Asset Tags allows tracking of high-value items for easy, real-time auditing.


    Efficiently manage inventory control and prevent loss of valuable assets during auditing, saving costs from overstocking products.

  • Warehouse workers talking. One worker is using a forklift and the other holding an iPad.
    Improve Workforce Efficiency

    High value assets poses a potential risk of loss or theft and searching for equipment results in wasted employee time.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence with Asset Tags allows tracking of forklifts and other high-value assets in real time, while setting boundaries in which assets must stay within.


    Improved asset management, and reduced time spent searching for misplaced equipment.

  • Warehouse with lighting.
    Energy Savings

    The cost of lighting the entire warehouse for most hours results in high energy expenses.


    Enlighted Lighting Solution with Smart Sensors informs lighting systems to only be in operation when motion is detected and drives temperature control.


    Achieve up to 90% energy savings when combined with LED fixtures using Enlighted lighting control. Additionally, up to 35% energy savings through HVAC.

  • Workers in manufacturing plant looking at ipad.
    Prevent Shrinkage

    High-value assets moving in and out of warehouses each day poses a potential risk of loss or theft.


    Location Intelligence with Asset Tags allows tracking of high-value assets while keeping track of inventory in real-time.


    Increase operational cost savings through effective inventory management and shrinkage reduction.

Enlighted for Industrial: Key Technologies at Work

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Drive down energy costs, leverage sophisticated configurations, and gather real-time occupancy data with patented smart sensors embedded in LED lights. Experience up to 90% reduction in lighting energy with an occupancy-controlled system.

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Grid network.
Location Intelligence

Combine Enlighted’s sophisticated software-defined lighting system with a comprehensive real-time location systems solution to track high-value assets like forklifts and pallets throughout a warehouse, or locate equipment in real-time for auditing purposes.

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Enlighted Manage dashboard portal view on lap top.
Space Intelligence

Make intelligent warehouse reallocation decisions, optimize assets and resources, and meter ESG data, for maximal operational efficiency and cost savings.

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HVAC integration.
HVAC Integration

HVAC controls dynamically optimize heating, air conditioning, and airflow based on occupancy.

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Siemens Parsons Energy Works manufacturing building
Siemens Parsons Energy Works

Siemens Energy is on track to save over 5.6 million kWh each year with a lighting retrofit from Enlighted at their Parsons Works site.

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