Location Intelligence

Combine a sophisticated software-defined lighting system with a comprehensive real-time location systems solution to provide bottom-line results.

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Increase productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Streamline asset tracking and space utilization

Reliably track assets in real-time in a building, campus or across an enterprise.

Increase employee productivity and wellbeing

Easily locate equipment, find people or send alerts when they access an off-limits area.

Optimize workflows and drive energy efficiency

Analyze asset and people movement to improve outcomes and optimzie processes.

Location Intelligence: How It Works

Enlighted Wearables, asset tags and badges.
Asset Tags and Badges

Choose between a variety of tags from comfortable wearables and asset tags to badges with a configurable call button. These long-lasting tags keep operations running smoothly.

Ceiling of warehouse with high bay LED lights.
Lighting-Based Infrastructure

Enlighted’s software-defined lighting sensors detect and track assets, people and motion to continuously feed movement and location data to an RTLS application.

Dashboard of RTLS application displaying assets and people movement.
RTLS Application

With a wide range of configurations to meet specific needs, customize the intuitive RTLS application to drive safety and efficiency with events and alerts. Track and manage assets and inventory based on location detection.

Laptop showing icons of integrations.
API Integrations

Collect, correlate and integrate data with existing applications, or create custom connections to third-party systems like BMS, CMS, and more.

The approach taken by Enlighted represents the new way of thinking about smart IoT buildings – to outfit it from the ground up with technology that is software driven. This means we can continuously improve our data collection and RTLS applications and benefits.

Location Intelligence

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