Real Estate Solutions

Comfortable, convenient hybrid work for employees. Optimized and right-sized space for your business.

Higher Education Solutions

Streamline campus operations and reduce energy costs with Smart Campus IoT.


Drive down energy costs, optimize hospital operations, and increase patient well-being.

Optimize space use, empower innovative care, and support positive patient outcomes – all while reducing costs and saving energy

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Experience up to 90% reduction in lighting energy while maximizing efficiency through HVAC Integration

Hospital Asset Optimization and Management

Improve equipment utilization and staff efficiency, cutting operational costs

Staff and Patient Well-Being

Enable hospital staff to alert security and guide them to their location when workplace safety becomes a concern

  • Wheelchair on hospital floor.
    Reduce Equipment Loss

    On average, between 10-20% of a typical hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life, an average of $3K per item.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence with Asset Tags allows facility managers to view inventory of assets in real time, and set boundaries in which assets must stay within.


    Keep track of high value items, and have key personnel alerted if they leave the premises.

  • A healthcare facility.
    Energy Cost Savings

    Hospitals consume 2.5X more energy compared to other commercial buildings resulting in high operational costs.


    The Enlighted Lighting Solution connected to a distributed HVAC control architecture allows for lighting and heating to adjust based on occupancy.


    Achieve up to 90% energy savings when combined with LED fixtures using automated lighting control.

  • Nurse searching for hospital supplies holding iPad.
    Help Staff Find Equipment

    Nurses spend an average of 72 minutes per shift looking for medical equipment. Taking away from critical time tending to patients.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence with Asset Tags allows real-time visibility of medical equipment, and through its app, way-finding to its location.


    Help nurses locate the equipment quickly so they can spend their time tending to patients.

  • Doctor talking to patient on hospital bed.
    Staff Panic Button

    As tensions increase within hospitals and healthcare facilities due to increasing staff shortages, workplace safety has become a rising concern.


    Enlighted Location Intelligence with Badge Tags gives the badge owner the ability to push a button, notify key personnel, and guide them to their location in real time.


    Enable hospital staff to discreetly call security when workplace safety becomes a concern.

  • Hospital staff meeting.
    Hospital Campus Planning

    Understanding patient admissions, space usage, and being able to forecast future needs is critical to ensuring there is sufficient space for future operations.


    Occupancy Insights allows the monitoring of space usage over time, giving insight into utilization trends and most trafficked space types.


    Make real-estate right sizing decisions informed by occupancy and space data.

Enlighted for Healthcare: Key Technologies at Work

Location Intelligence Enlighted application.
Location Intelligence

Combine Enlighted’s sophisticated software-defined lighting system with a comprehensive real-time location systems solution to monitor high value assets.

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Lighting Solutions.
Lighting Solution

Built on an IoT Infrastructure, the system consists of a network of LED lights fitted with patented sensors, wirelessly connected in a mesh grid and an advanced analytics platform.

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HVAC Integration
HVAC Integration

Content the Enlighted Lighting Solution with HVAC controls to dynamically optimize heating, air conditioning, and air flow based on occupancy.

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Data Services Dashboard
Space Intelligence

Report on utilization of space, whether it be on the room, floor building or portfolio level. Inform space reduction, reallocation, and design decisions using data insights.

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Location Intelligence Enlighted asset tracking application open on lap top.
Location Intelligence for Healthcare

Discover how Location Intelligence combines smart sensors, long-lasting hardware, and our proprietary algorithm for endless Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) possibilities.

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Accelerate the digital transformation of your healthcare facility with Siemens Xcelerator

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