California State University, Dominguez Hills

California State University, Dominguez Hills teams with Enlighted to significantly reduce energy consumption.

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Customer Profile

California State University, Dominguez Hills (also known as CSUDH) is a public university located in the greater Los Angeles area and was founded in 1960. The university is part of the 23 school California State University system and has a total enrollment of approximately 14,000 students.

United States
Space Types
Hallway, Office
Sustainability Targets
Square Footage
1M sq. ft. across four buildings


The university has made it their responsibility to be a wise steward of scarce resources by reducing the use of non-renewable resources and increasing energy efficiency. As part of the large CSU system, this responsibility also includes promoting continued economic and ecological viability in California.


The team chose to move forward with Enlighted’s platform because its advanced sensors provided several unique benefits to the university. The capabilities that were particularly interesting to the project team included:

  • Ease of implementation: Sensors communicate over a wireless network, enabling a relatively simple upgrade of CSUDH’s existing fixtures.
  • Cost effective solution: The sensor units could be easily installed, commissioned and serviced by the facilities management team at the University, making the solution affordable to implement and maintain going forward.
  • Highly intelligent sensors: Advanced sensors make control decisions locally at each fixture, adjusting light levels by sending information to the driver of the host fixture.
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Enlighted lighting controls projects on campus are saving the university 446,932 kWh annually, which amounts to $56,772 in energy costs annually. Since embarking on this retrofit, CSUDH has had $1 million in total energy savings. Following the success of the first couple installations led to further sensor installations on campus.

Learn how Enlighted customer CSU Dominguez Hills transformed their campus using the Enlighted IoT Platform.

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