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Veeco installed new lighting and wireless controls and cut warehouse lighting energy costs by 75 percent.

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Founded in 1968, Veeco is a full-service logistics provider specializing in planning and executing shipments for national, regional, local, or consumer direct transactions. The company is headquartered in North Bergen, NJ, where they operate a 615,000 square foot warehouse.

United States
Warehousing and Distribution
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Energy savings, IoT integration, Lighting control


A lighting audit in January 2019 revealed problems with the high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures lighting Veeco’s 615,000 square feet warehouse. With 117 dock doors and more than 34,000 pallet locations, the HID lighting system was emitting poor levels of lighting, and was inefficient and costly to maintain.

After upgrading to a new racking system that added more rows and narrow aisles, Veeco also needed to revamp and retrofit the existing HID lighting system to improve safety and efficiency.


Based on a detailed photometric study of the new aisles and loading dock area, an improved lighting design was created using 168-watt high bay LEDs. Veeco installed the Enlighted IoT platform, including Enlighted’s smart sensors  — allowing lighting to be adjusted in real-time based on environmental and occupancy changes in the warehouse.

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Accurate occupancy sensors, flexible lighting control, and high-efficiency, low-maintenance LED fixtures have resulted in significant energy and maintenance savings. A user-friendly control interface allows for changes and updates to lighting groups and profiles, allowing for flexible customization over time.

After one year, Veeco Services reduced its lighting energy load by 59 percent, achieving a 804,725 kWh savings and reduced energy costs of $122,318, with $14,000 saved on annual lighting maintenance. The installation also reduced CO2 emissions by 554 metric tons, or the equivalent of taking 93 cars off the road in the United States.

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