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Siemens was among the first global companies to adjust working models permanently by establishing mobile working as standard and a core component of its “new normal” both during the global pandemic and beyond.

The hybrid working model enables Siemens employees to work on a remote basis for an average of two or three days a week, whenever it is reasonable. The new working model is in line with Siemens employee desire for greater flexibility and personalized solutions when it comes to deciding where they work.

This commitment to hybrid working accelerated Siemens need for digital workplace tools while highlighting the importance of the office and its spaces as the location for collaboration between employees.

In June of 2016 the doors opened to a new, modern Siemens headquarters at Wittelsbacherplatz in Munich, Germany. Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency played a key role as the building meets the world’s highest sustainability standards. 

The headquarters is a beacon for collaboration, global entrepreneurship, the principles of sustainability and technology that shapes the company’s future.

Conference Rooms
Hybrid Employees

It’s imperative to utilize time now to prepare with digital workplace tools like Enlighted and consider space for collaboration so you don’t impact people when they are back in the office.


Committing to a hybrid workplace

The commitment to a mobile work model and it’s added flexibility, meant that Siemens required implementation and management of sustainable dynamic workplace models quickly, so that employees could work on premise safely, at home, and on-demand.

Quickly providing employees with a workspace productivity tool was high on Siemens’ agenda and working with proptech partner Enlighted was a natural choice as it’s widely considered to have the best workplace experience app on the market.

Our priority is to protect our people so they can return to the workplace safely and confidently wherever they are. By using smart office technologies, we can reshape how we work. Our Enlighted App supports our new mobile working model, by enabling employees to better plan when they choose to work from the office.


A dynamic intelligent workplace

“The Enlighted solutions are an essential part of the new normal strategy and we’ve implemented the room and desk booking and amenities at our Munich headquarters,” stated Fabian Telke, Head of Contracting and Services at Siemens Real Estate Hub Germany. “At the same time, we’ve updated and redesigned the office environment to create more collaboration areas and to bring employees together for engagement once the pandemic phases out.”

The Enlighted Flexible Spaces solution was implemented in late 2021 with room and desk booking with additional functionality coming online quickly. The solution’s rich functions, open platform and mobile app enabled Siemens to deploy quickly across the almost 2,000 headquarters employees and keep the business flexible to the needs of the future.

The Enlighted App is intuitive for employees to book and utilize space well as access amenities and other features and it provides the insights that CRE and management teams require to plan and optimize space.

Empowering employees with choice and control

At the Wittelsbacherplatz headquarters, employees can view and book desks and rooms directly from their mobile phones using Enlighted’s interactive, digitized office map. The app provides a view of available workspaces by combining its booking data with real-time occupancy information gathered from non-intrusive sensors that identify if a space is occupied. All this valuable space-booking and occupancy data is captured and analyzed using Enlighted insights, and employees can opt out of the data collection upon request. Employees have access to corporate-wide and site-specific messages and facility information, such as reception hours, as well as other safety announcements.

Self-service Community

A suite of tools for design, quote, and order requests

Three imperatives to hybrid working

Enlighted solutions support three important Siemens hybrid working imperatives.

01. Portfolio strategy

Leverage utilization data to make re!ned portfolio right-sizing decisions while avoiding business disruptions.

02. Space management

Organize and control the new, hybrid workspaces, enforce access policies, and understand employee preferences and trends for future design decisions.

03. Employee engagement

Need for an initiative and engaging tool for employees to reserve space now and in the future, locate and collaborate with colleagues and control their environment.

Data drives employee engagement and building portfolio management

The solution integrates data from employee actions and building IoT sensors into the Enlighted Workplace Intelligent Platform to provide deep business insights for real estate and facility management teams. By blending these two dynamic data sets we create an adaptive cycle of dynamic, real-time business intelligence that only gets smarter over time.

“The insights we receive from Enlighted are really convincing,” stated Zsolt Sluitner, CEO Siemens Real Estate. “Enlighted provides important findings about our space usage and with planning and decision-making in the further development of real estate matters.” 

Intuitive and easy to learn

Headquarters employees received a newsletter announcing the Enlighted app availability with a brief overview and the app’s features. Online master classes, shared how to download and install the app, how to book rooms and desks, and other location-specific features.


Easy to use and delivering high-impact results

The feedback is positive feedback from both employee users the management team at Widdlesbacherplatz. A few employees share their experiences using Enlighted:

I Like the Enlighted App. It is user-friendly and it’s simple to book the desk and floor I want. Seeing colors on neighborhood helps me to navigate easily around all floors

I recently joined Siemens and the Enlighted App has helped me tremendously. Booking my desk, seeing where my colleagues are sitting, and having access to additional information like the building reception hours or transportation options has been a breeze.

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