Interface, Inc. immediately recognized the fundamental advantages of Enlighted's platform.

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Customer Profile

Interface, Inc. is the undisputed leader in modular carpet tiles that delight and satisfy customers the world over. With annual sales in excess of $1 Billion, Interface has a “Mission Zero commitment, our promise to eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment by 2020.” Jeff Roman, Vice President of Information Services at Interface Companies, found himself increasingly thinking about ways to improve running the business in more ecological and profitable ways from the perspective of information technology and energy solutions. He decided to turn the company’s combination office/warehouse space in Acworth, Georgia (also the company’s main facility for U.S. installations and services), into the model office /warehouse of the future. Customers would visit and be able to see and learn from the leading solutions Jeff and his team implemented. Jeff wanted to be able to manage every aspect of the facility’s energy consumption—HVAC, lighting and plug load. He envisioned a network-centric approach and a dashboard that would allow him to monitor, “interrogate” and manage the environment and each individual component.

Roman immediately recognized the fundamental advantages of Enlighted’s platform—the most customizable lighting controls at the fixture level, the easiest to install and manage, and capable of providing real-time data for improved control of a building’s critical systems. “I was amazed by the Enlighted solution,” Jeff says.

Project Type
Mixed Use
Project Size
35,000 sq. ft.
Completion Date
April 2011
Energy Savings
18 Months

Enlighted has real-world deployments with leading companies across many industries. Recently, it had the distinct privilege of working with a company that was one of the original pioneers in corporate sustainability: the Interface Services Division of Interface, Inc., named by Fortune as “one of the most admired companies in America.”

Interface installed the Enlighted Intelligent Lighting Control System™ to increase control of lighting and related energy costs in its facility. The system actively detects conditions of the environment and makes intelligent decisions about lighting needs in real-time.

A per-fixture sensor gives the Enlighted System the granularity and flexibility to dim, brighten, turn on or turn off lights, according to the space that’s being used. With dynamic and adaptive profiles, the Enlighted System can light hallways, bathrooms, and work areas with just the right amount of light, only when it is needed.

Interface made use of advanced features of the Enlighted Intelligent Lighting Control System, including task tuning, occupancy detection and daylight harvesting, to accomplish the following savings:

Task tuning

Interface and Enlighted analyzed light usage in the office and warehouse spaces and determined the appropriate peak lighting for employee productivity and safety. Jeff was particularly pleased that Enlighted worked with every single employee to customize their lighting to their preferences and work habits. This reduced the lighting in the office by 18 percent.

Occupancy detection

Enlighted enables significant savings by accommodating fluctuating occupancy patterns. Granular occupancy detection was used to reduce energy consumed by 42 percent in the office and 88 percent in the warehouse area.

Daylight harvesting

Enlighted enables harvesting of additional light provided by natural sunlight which creates additional savings in nearly 5 percent of the overall office space.

Self-service Community

A suite of tools for design, quote, and order requests

We’ve achieved 70% savings. I can’t say enough about how cooperative and collaborative
Enlighted has been.

By using the Enlighted Intelligent Lighting Control System, Interface was able to reduce overall lighting costs by about 70% (65% in the office and 88% in the warehouse), and projects a payback period of just 18 months for its investment.

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