A note from our CEO

Stefan Schwab
September 22, 2022

While Enlighted has been in existence for quite some time, what’s different now is that we have brought together two companies with a powerful portfolio and a powerful story. At the intersection of people, space and work, Enlighted is uniquely positioned to offer enterprise customers a way to finally realize the benefits of smart IoT buildings with real, tangible results.

Those results center around greater efficiencies, more positive occupant experiences and significant steps towards helping our customers reach carbon net zero. We help our customers make a difference for people, their portfolio, and our planet.

Physical workspaces can offer value beyond the profitability of each square foot, and the value of each productive workspace. They can autonomously adapt to changing conditions. They can reinvigorate occupants through empowering and productive interactions. They can restore our planet through smart, energy saving and restorative technologies. They can enable a real estate portfolio to reinvent itself time and again by being responsive and future-ready.

When these things happen, everyday space investments become more than just spaces where work happens – they become extraordinary places that regenerate value for an organization, the people that occupy them, and our planet as a whole.

Extraordinary places are spaces that generate ongoing positive impact.

Stefan Schwab
CEO, Enlighted

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