Bridging the Gap to the New Normal

Stefan Schwab
September 21, 2021

As the global pandemic persists, the present has accelerated to the future of work, with the door opened to new ways of collaborating with colleagues, supporting employees, and maintaining productivity. Our goal at Comfy | Enlighted is to support and enable our customer throughout this seismic shift with the software and services that provide a seamless transition to the hybrid model defining the future of work.

Successfully transitioning to a hybrid workforce in the new normal extends beyond supporting newly remote employees with technology and home office equipment; it demands a complete rethink of portfolio investments and design, capacity planning, compensation and benefits, and employee resources and well-being programs. With employee safety and comfort paramount as companies determine which workforce model – flexible, fully remote or office-centric – suits their business needs, they are struggling to balance the challenge of maintaining community, connection and culture with a globally distributed workforce. People need to be imbued with a sense of purpose in order to remain motivated, productive and satisfied with their jobs, and many companies have landed on flexible working as a framework balancing employee safety with the need to maintain community and connection between employees.

Recognition of wins and successes, the sense of camaraderie achieved through solving problems as a team, brainstorming and the creative process, have all been irrevocably changed due to COVID. The path to normalcy is best achieved with flexible working, and Comfy | Enlighted is committed to right-sizing customers’ portfolios and helping companies manage hybrid workplaces that foster collaboration and provide a safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective hybrid office environment.

Through global enterprise rollouts of the Flexible Spaces offering, introduced in 2020, Comfy | Enlighted gained a deep understanding of the workflows needed to orchestrate a seamless hybrid working model. Today, we introduced Flexible Spaces 2.0, which includes four key features adapted for the new social distance requirements and protocols in our new world. Combined with an intuitive, user-friendly app, employees are able to easily and safely return to the office in a manner that suits their needs. They also have the ability to access usage insights and data so that they are maximizing their productivity and time in the office by understanding the schedules and durations of office time of their counterparts. Real estate, facilities and IT teams gain crucial space and resource utilization data so that they can make data-based decisions on space planning, office redesign, and budget decisions that maximize IT and operations budgets.

Sustaining connection and community in the new paradigm has risen to the top of priorities for leaders and employees at every level of the organization, and Comfy | Enlighted is committed to delivering a set of technologies to help companies address a range of workplace challenges. Improving the employee experience through a user-friendly mobile app while reducing operational costs and simplifying redesign strategies through data and analytics tools — our technology addresses a myriad of issues by providing workplace and IoT solutions that improve the lives of employees and make buildings operate with greater efficiency.

Stefan Schwab is CEO of Comfy | Enlighted

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