Comfy Evolves into Enlighted Connect

Jennifer Hirst
May 23, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Comfy will now be known as Enlighted Connect, a key component of the expansive Enlighted portfolio focused on smart building technologies.

Our analysis of over 4 million data points has refined our understanding of hybrid work patterns, sparking innovative features and functionalities that support hybrid work environments with a more intuitive user experience.

Refining Enlighted Connect for the Modern Workplace

Hybrid work models are now the norm, with an expectation of employees spending 2 or more days per week in the office. This shift from fully remote marks a significant change in many workplace dynamics.

Workplace flexibility has steadily grown since 2022, and almost 90% of companies will mandate office returns this year, with over half requiring a minimum of 50% office attendance. This is an invaluable opportunity for companies to rethink how the workplace can enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and overall experience.

As workplace demands evolve, so do our solutions. Driven by extensive data and insights into workplace behavior, we’ve tailored Enlighted Connect to meet today’s work dynamics.

Here’s what’s new:

Hybrid Working Adjustments

Our deeper understanding of hybrid work patterns reveals that over 50% of employees prefer selecting desks upon arrival rather than booking in advance. Enlighted Connect now facilitates spontaneous desk booking through a QR code scan. Additionally, our improved “Favorites” feature streamlines future reservations for preferred desks.

Community and Collaboration:

The workplace’s role as a community hub is increasingly crucial. Data indicates that organizations promoting community see a 23% increase in earnings per share, thanks to enhanced productivity and customer loyalty. Our latest update enables employees to follow colleagues and receive updates when they are in the office, boosting community interaction.

User Interface Expectations

Responding to the demand for social media-like interfaces, we’ve developed an intuitive, socially connected user interface. This enhancement is expected to significantly enhance employee productivity by making daily interactions more efficient and engaging.

Personalization and Control

Empowering employees to control their work environment is crucial for increasing productivity and motivation. Enlighted Connect now offers more customizable settings and personalized content feeds, making each interaction more relevant and engaging.

These enhancements are designed to align with current trends and anticipate future workplace needs, ensuring that Enlighted Connect remains at the forefront of enhancing workplace productivity and satisfaction.

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