Ekkia Headquarters


The EKKIA Group, Europe's premier brand platform for horse and rider equipment, has partnered with Enlighted to optimize energy usage, achieve greater energy savings, and reach long-term ESG goals.

Customer Profile

EKKIA Group is the leading brand platform in Europe for horse and rider equipment. Founded in 1967, with a headquarters in the heart of Alsace, France, the organization has 265 employees, 2,300 resellers in 73 countries, 15,000 product references, and 80 PADD stores with nearly 400,000 annual customers and 47 brands distributed.

Space Types
Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse
IoT Objectives, ESG Targets, Improved Working Conditions
Square Footage
1K sq.m. of office space 10K sq.m. of storage space


For over five years, Enlighted and Siemens Smart Infrastructure have collaborated with Ekkia to renovate and modernize its headquarters and warehouse located in Haguenau, France.

Ekkia wanted to ensure its facilities had an IoT foundation for the future, reduce the energy consumption of the Haguenau site, and achieve sustainability and cost-savings — all while ensuring optimal comfort and safety for employees and customers. Ekkia needed a solution that could monitor and optimize lighting and contribute to its overall energy transition goals.


Ekkia chose Enlighted’s platform because its advanced sensors provided several unique benefits to the organization and could be used to achieve the following goals.

Retrofit Office and Manufacturing Spaces

To achieve energy efficiency and cost-savings goals, Ekkia installed over 600 luminaires equipped with Enlighted IoT sensors across 1,000 square meters of office space, and 10,000 square meters of industrial space. Additionally, Ekkia installed 126 luminaires equipped with Enlighted sensors in its second hall across 4,000 square meters of office space.

Enlighted’s IoT sensors are supervised by the Enlighted Manage dashboard, allowing daily monitoring of luminaires, visualization of consumption curves, and tracking of energy savings achieved, all providing intelligent lighting management and exceptional energy savings.

Reduce energy consumption and support organization-wide ESG initiatives

EKKIA wanted to achieve sustainable growth as a manufacturer by proactively reducing environmental impact through its Green Impact label and by embarking on a B-Corp (ESG) certification process. By switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting and implementing Enlighted and Siemens solutions, Ekkia has already reduced its energy consumption by 50 percent in one year. Ekkia plans to continue reducing energy consumption and achieve further lighting energy savings during opening hours, ultimately realizing long-term net-zero and energy cost optimization goals.

Establish the campus with an IoT foundation for the future

Ekkia’s key goals of reducing energy consumption while ensuring optimal comfort and safety for employees and customers have always been top of mind. Working with Enlighted and Siemens, Ekkia aims to use the Enlighted IoT platform to make more informed decisions to reduce carbon emissions, optimize building operations, and improve building environments by harnessing the power of IoT sensor technology and analyzing space utilization data. And Ekkia has committed to renovations that will continue to modernize its Haguenau headquarters and warehouse, as well as explore additional solutions through partnership with Enlighted and Siemens.


Ekkia’s investment in Enlighted and Siemens solutions will be amortized within eight years, thanks to the energy savings made. In just one year, Ekkia reduced its energy consumption by 50 percent by switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. And through partnership with Enlighted and Siemens, Ekkia continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and dedication to creating a safer, more energy-efficient world.

“Intelligent lighting control contributes to achieving set environmental and economic objectives. Enlighted’s innovations simplify lighting management and offer maximum optimization without impacting user comfort.”

— Nawfal Slimati, Managing Director of the “Regional Solutions and Services” (RSS) activity at Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI)
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