Hannover Messe 2022: SAP’s Oliver Gutzeit and Enlighted’s Stefan Schwab Discuss the Future of Work

July 23, 2022

SAP’s Global Lead for Experience Technology, Oliver Gutzeit and our very own Stefan Schwab, CEO of Comfy | Enlighted took the Siemens stage together at this year’s Hannover Messe industrial trade fair to discuss the future of work.  

Stefan and Oliver covered important ground delving into how organizations can leverage technology to create safe, healthy, and sustainable environments, which has been a hot area of consideration for business leaders.  

Some key takeaways from the conversation include: 

To watch the full Expert Talk segment and hear insights from Stefan and Oliver, watch the video below. 

“Technology is just the enabler, and at the center of any workplace transformation are individuals, human beings. We must focus on the people and employing technology as an enabler.” — Stefan Schwab CEO of Comfy | Enlighted

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