Meet Comfy’s Chief Financial Officer, Jens Stottmann

Anna Lui
December 13, 2019

Jens joins us as Chief Financial Officer, and will be focused on building out processes to enable Comfy to scale our operations, as we continue to expand our global presence. Jens comes to Comfy from our parent company Siemens, where he commercially led strategic and operational initiatives in Europe and Asia Pacific. With over a decade of experience in various finance functions, Jens brings extensive knowledge from working with multinational enterprises as well as small and medium enterprises.

You’ve worked in a variety of strategic and operational finance functions internationally across various Siemens divisions. What are some key learnings from your previous roles?

My most recent role was with MindSphere in the APAC region. Because MindSphere is a platform with open interfaces for development of customer and industry specific apps, one of my biggest learnings is how critical it is to understand where a client is in their digitalization journey in terms of maturity level. Some businesses are just getting started and their primary goal is to connect their existing business assets to the cloud. Others are further along and looking for advanced analytics or predictive learning. Identifying early on where the client is in that journey is incredibly important.

I also came to realize how even within one geographic region, there can be a great deal of diversity in languages, legalities, and culture. For example, while working in the Asia Pacific region, I saw how a delivery model that worked well previously in a number of different countries, might need to be adapted for one country in that same region. It made me realize how diverse even one geographical region can be and gave me exposure to creating a variety of go-to-market delivery models.

What compelled you to join Comfy?

This is an easy one. Comfy is at a really exciting stage: it’s transitioning out of being a startup, growing rapidly in terms of product functionality and customer base, and about to become a much bigger entity with a very big impact. Right now the primary goal is to scale.

At the same time, Comfy’s relationship with Siemens is opening up a very large entryway to new customers through new sales channels. The fact that Comfy is a subsidiary of Siemens but independently run means that we can get the best of both worlds. We still have a lot of freedom to move quickly and do things the way we need to be successful, with the confidence that Siemens has our back.

What will your priorities be in your new role?

My main focus will be optimizing our processes. In just the last few months, Comfy has been selected as the workplace solution of choice for a number of global enterprises, and I anticipate more and bigger projects to come through in the coming year. It is very important to me that we can scale effectively, become more systematic, and report out to all our stakeholders efficiently.

In addition, as a personal mission I want every individual at Comfy to be able to see how their day-to-day activities tie back to numbers. I want to achieve a state where we all have a clear understanding of how we are each contributing to the success of Comfy, and to Siemens at large.

You’ve relocated to 3 different countries in the last 2.5 years. What advice do you have for today’s global worker?

Yes, within the last 10 years, I have moved on average more than once every year. I love it because I love to learn new things and to gain unique perspectives into how others live. At the same time, because everything is always new, it means you’re constantly unsettled. I’ve learned that it is really important to have some things that are constant. For me, that’s my family.

Also, it helps to be really organized! Having a clear system and process in place is a necessity to make moving from one country to the next much easier.

Welcome to the Comfy family Jens!

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