Partner Spotlight: IoEnergy and Enlighted Deliver Big Gains in Energy Efficiency

April 20, 2021

Enlighted’s long-time partner IoEnergy is a construction and consulting firm that specializes in the large-scale implementation of energy efficiency and building intelligence systems.

IoEnergy provides smart retrofit services that use technology to improve building energy efficiency, and they specialize in using LED retrofits to drive energy savings for their corporate, institutional, and individual clients.

The connection between Enlighted and IoEnergy is long and strong, as members of IoEnergy’s senior leadership have formerly worked for Enlighted, for more than 10 years combined. They call it a “parts and smarts” arrangement for their customers because IoEnergy technicians install Enlighted parts for lighting retrofits, with the added bonus of the smarts that come from their deep experience and long relationship with the Enlighted suite of products.

IoEnergy has competitive advantage as a distributor of Enlighted smart sensors. Because the IoEnergy team understands how Enlighted sensors function to enhance the energy-saving capacity of already-efficient LED luminaires, they can specify correctly for both retrofits and new builds.

In fact, electrical contractors often turn to the IoEnergy team for support, especially on new projects, or when it’s their first Enlighted installation. IoEnergy, as the consulting contractor, brings deep expertise around installing, commissioning, and configuring the Enlighted customer interface. Clients appreciate this relationship as well, because IoEnergy’s information sharing results in less time spent on installation, less risk of budget overruns due to labor costs, and ultimately, greater lighting and energy efficiency.

Paid For with Energy Savings

IoEnergy’s unique value proposition is that the cost of its energy efficiency retrofits can be easily recouped by the energy savings the retrofit enables. LED lighting is already 75% more efficient, but when Enlighted smart sensors and energy management are added to the lighting system, customers can see energy savings of  85% or more, and can expect to lower their lighting maintenance costs by up to 25%.

These savings give building operators more readily available capital, and make their own compelling business case for the retrofit. They also inspire innovative third-party financing options like on-bill financing with energy companies, in which the energy providers offer a zero-interest loan that goes onto a customer’s energy bill. The customer pays it off with their energy savings until it’s made up. This makes energy retrofits more accessible for a broader range of clients, and has the extended effect of improving sustainability on a broader scale.

Efficiency Gains that Exceeds Expectations

IoEnergy customers are inevitably impressed by their LED lighting upgrades, reporting being “surprised and delighted” when their retrofit savings exceed expectations. One client even joked about the “Star Trek effect” of their retrofitted lighting system, which appeared to adjust instantly to their needs. That kind of high-performance result makes IoEnergy’s recommendations stand out for their clients, and demonstrates another reason why a partnership with Enlighted lets them deliver a value-add.

For example, one IoEnergy client is a tech manufacturer, for whom precise lighting levels and color tuning are mission critical. By installing Enlighted sensors that provided infinite tuning capacity, IoEnergy helped that client meet production needs, while introducing significant energy and cost savings.

When another IoEnergy client had to redesign its workplace floor plan, and therefore a substantial amount of furniture, they knew a wired lighting plan would have become obsolete or require a “mind-numbingly complex” rewiring. But because they had installed Enlighted, changing the lighting plan meant a simple reprogram that took IoEnergy technicians less than an hour to complete — no rewiring necessary.

The Time for Future-Proofing is Now

Energy efficiency retrofits offer a substantial ROI, and it’s even greater at a time when organizations are increasingly concerned with all aspects of workspace efficiency.

Companies that implement Enlighted-powered energy retrofits like the ones IoEnergy offers will begin seeing savings immediately, and will future-proof their buildings to adapt to changes due to climate, energy availability, and even human factors like return-to-workplace plans and possible future safety protocols.

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