Smart Sensors

The Most Advanced Digital Sensor Ever Designed

At the heart of Enlighted's IoT solution sits our patented, software-defined smart sensor that collects and monitors real time occupancy, light levels, temperatures and energy usage. Only our sensors can distinguish between people and objects, customize controls for specific tasks, leverage ambient light levels and much more.

Unmatched Coverage for Data Collection

Enlighted sensors are deployed with LED lighting, one sensor per light fixture, and equipped with Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) technology, with a typical coverage area of 100 square feet per sensor. Overall, this makes for very granular and rich data collection. And because the sensors are attached to lighting, they are always powered and ubiquitous throughout the building.

Proven, Flexible Wireless Network

All our sensors are connected to each other to create our industry-leading, scalable wireless network, which transmits data to the sensor, or to Enlighted’s Cloud infrastructure, via a secure and robust wireless connection.

Tiered Capabilities and Pricing

Enlighted’s powerful sensor is also available in different configuration tiers, making it easy to select the capabilities that make sense for your current project – whether it is a full suite of IoT applications from the beginning, or instead starting with advanced lighting control and energy management features with an upgrade option to full IoT capabilities later without replacing any hardware.

  • Enlighted IoT offers the full IoT data platform with applications for real time location services, building occupancy and usage analysis, along with support for third party applications and data.
  • Enlighted Connected features a connected lighting solution with profiles, energy measurement and occupancy information for HVAC control.
  • Enlighted One room-based wireless lighting controls are fast and easy to install, program, and commission – saving time, money, and providing instant code compliance.  And fully upgradeable to Enlighted IoT.
  • Task Tuning/High-end trimming
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Occupancy/Vacancy detection
  • Auto and advanced demand response programs
  • Time-of-Day dimming schedule
  • Real-time energy savings report
  • Advanced occupancy detections
  • Light-level stability
  • Configurable Dim-and-linger occupancy
  • Personalized setting profile
  • Stay-with-me lighting effect
  • Fixture outage report

The Enlighted System. How it Works



Enlighted Digital Sensors. Clearly Better.

  • Highly advanced digital sensors that are intelligent, flexible, and code compliant
  • One sensor per light fixture for the most comprehensive coverage and energy measurement
  • 5 sensors in one: temperature, light level, motion, energy, and Bluetooth
  • On board digital signal processing enables edge analysis and optimized data communication
  • The most advanced, secure and reliable wireless sensor network
  • Bluetooth technology enables location-based services  
Enlighted Smart Sensors are Title-24 and ASHRAE 90.1 compliant right out of the box.
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