The Enlighted Change Management Playbook

February 23, 2022

Guiding a Successful Workplace Technology Implementation

The New Workplace Challenge

In recent months, organizations have embraced change and flexibility, especially in the workplace. New hybrid home/office workplace software solutions have become crucial to ensuring business continuity and a smooth transition to new workplace configurations.

But enabling technology is only part of the story. People, processes, physical space, and organizational objectives must be considered for such a sweeping workspace transformation to be successful. Without attention to these areas, the risk is high for business disruption and erosion of employee confidence and productivity.

A Smooth Workplace Transformation

To ensure Enlighted solutions are implemented in alignment with your company’s policies and needs, we’ve co-created a Change Management Playbook, a step by step guide to transitioning to a hybrid workplace.

The methodology in this playbook—complete with tear-out worksheets—equips you with the tools and tactics needed to deploy workplace technology at scale—everything from standing up a team to deploy the new working model, prioritizing technology solutions based on workplace needs, best practices for getting employees on board, and methods for sourcing feedback and sentiment.

With this playbook you can:

Deep Knowledge: Workplace Technology and Change Management

Enlighted’s extensive experience implementing workplace technology solutions globally has allowed us to understand the complexities and risk of deployment.

We combine these skills with change management best practices to deliver a well-architected blueprint for your new way of working.

“We recognized that technology, combined with a thoughtful change management process, would help our clients successfully navigate new hybrid workplace scenarios,” said Stefan Schwab, Enlighted CEO. “This playbook helps organize the people side of the equation: their motivations, behaviors and engagement toward a successful transition.”

Multiple Ways to Succeed

Enlighted provides the Change Management Playbook to every customer, with options for implementation:

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