Enlighted’s IoT Platform is the only platform that provides the complete technology value chain that brings commercial real estate into the Internet of Things. Already, Enlighted has made the IoT a reality for multiple Fortune 500 companies with solutions that enable energy efficiency, space planning, HVAC optimization, safety and more. And there is an endless opportunity for future high-value applications.

Ingenious Architecture:

  • Sensor at every light fixture provides granular sensor/positioning network
  • Multi-layered signal processing – Sensor / Gateway / Cloud
  • Wired to light for reliability
  • Wireless connection to local sensors and cloud for analytics

Most Advanced Digital Sensors:

  • Make large-scale data collection possible
  • Sensor capability includes light, motion (PIR), temperature, Bluetooth
  • Digital signal processing: richer information, data compression
  • Built-in power meter

Robust and Scalable Wireless Network:

  • Capable of managing over 10,000 sensors per building
  • Proven support for enterprise-wide deployment
  • Proven in all environments
  • Deployed at scale in different wireless and RF environments

24/7 Cloud Data Available:

  • Metered real-time data sent to the cloud
  • Compression for data backhaul
  • Unlimited compute resources available
  • Advanced high-value apps run in the Cloud

High-Value Applications:

  • Advanced lighting control dramatically reduces energy use
  • Aire optimizes HVAC to maximize occupant comfort and energy efficiency
  • Space optimizes workspace utilization, improves workflow and productivity
  • Asset tracking that reduces capital costs, improves safety and security

State-of-the-Art Security:

  • Security built into each system component
  • Sensors are tamper proof
  • Strong encryption used in all networks
  • Independent and internal security testing
  • Enlighted system can operate isolated from corporate networks or integrated into existing IT security infrastructure

Future Proof Solutions:

  • Software upgradeable
  • Always has latest new security developments
  • Digital interfaces mean easy upgrading
  • Stays current with changing building energy codes

Unlimited applications can be built on top of Enlighted’s IoT Platform

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Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program you can use your energy savings to pay for your IoT infrastructure.

Enlighted was recently evaluated as a "Cool Vendor" in the “Smart City Applications and Solutions 2016” report by Gartner, Inc.