Rich Visualization and Reporting of Building Utilization

The Enlighted Space application provides accurate insight into building usage, detailed occupancy views and patterns using data collected by the Enlighted’s advanced Sensor Network. The application provides detailed, non-intrusive views of workspaces and employee movement and can be used to increase productivity, optimize workspaces for higher utilization and drive cost-saving initiatives.

Know More. Do More.
  • Easy to deploy, easy to use
  • Detailed insight into space utilization
  • Visual analysis of actual movement (motion trails)
  • Analyze relocation or additional space requirements
  • Extensive reporting by department and function
  • Accurate, detailed occupancy views
  • Standard use cases and configurations
  • Enterprise scalability
Each building has a profile in the Enlighted system with sensor profiles for each individual floor allowing you to observe building occupancy in real time.
Heat maps show where people spend time, not how they move through space over time.
Motion trails shows how people move through a space over time.

Did You Know?

With Enlighted Space, companies can measure use of work areas to help maximize utilization of space.