Room Control

Enlighted Room Control options provide all the functions of a standard wall switch with the capability to override automated programming. All options are wireless, making installation easy. Occupants can manually adjust lighting levels to save energy, increase comfort or tailor illumination for specific tasks. And users can choose from pre-programmed settings through the browser-based software interface or customize settings with a few clicks of a mouse. With an expected battery life of more than 5 years, minimal maintenance is required. Battery-less options are available that do not require wires and eliminate the need to occasionally replace batteries!

Lighting Control at Your Fingertips

  • Lets individuals change illumination and lighting configurations
  • Allows groups of light fixtures to behave in concert
  • Offers flexibility to pre-set up to six different scenes and light levels
  • Installs easily on room walls or over existing junction boxes
  • For regions where building codes require that a manual-on/auto off switch be located in an enclosed space, the room control
    options are compliant
  • Expected battery life of 5+ years for easy maintenance (ERC model)
  • Battery-less options (EnOcean models)


Room Lighting Control Options

Enlighted Room Control

The Enlighted Room Control (ERC) enables manual control of light fixtures through Enlighted’s intelligent lighting control system. The Enlighted Room Control enables you to select preset scenes so that groups of light fixtures behave in concert and provides the flexibility to predefine up to six different scenes and many combinations of light levels that can be accessed at the push of a button. The Enlighted Room Control works with all configurations of Enlighted sensors: Enlighted One, Connected, and IoT.

Partner Room Controls

EnOcean Room Controls

Battery-less Room Control

Enlighted’s IoT platform is an open system that integrates with third party devices and software. The battery-less, wireless light switches from EnOcean provide all the room control features needed for an Enlighted system installation, with reduced total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to replace batteries over time.
These devices interact with the Enlighted system via Bluetooth®, and work with Enlighted Connected and Enlighted IoT sensors. Models are available for North America and Europe.

EnOcean Alliance Logo
Enlighted is part of the EnOcean Alliance. The certified products can be found here.

Options include 2-button and 4-button pads. The 2-button pad is ideal for controlling the on, off and dimming function of the lights. The 4-button pad includes the feature to adjust color temperature and is ideal if the fixtures are tunable white. Both the 2-button and 4-button pads can be used to select pre-programmed scenes.

EnOcean Room Controls – more information on EnOcean products is available at:

Illumra Room Controls

Enlighted’s partnership with Illumra enhances our offering by adding multiple designs and colors, and optional text for the switch portfolio. The light switches are powered by kinetic energy-harvesting technology, allowing them to operate without the use of wires or batteries. A press of the switch converts a small amount of electricity, which transmits a wireless radio-frequency signal to controllers and other Enlighted devices within range. Switches can be mounted in an existing switch box or be surface mounted with screws or double-sided tape. Patented Tamper Resistant technology prevents the rockers from being removed without the use of tools, preventing exposure or damage to the components within the switch. There are 4 different models with multiple different SKU’s that are integrated into the total Enlighted solution controls.

BTT switch datasheet
BTT European switch datasheet

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