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Building IoT: Safer Workplaces

A discussion with Stefan Schwab (CEO), Tanuj Mohan (Founder & CTO), and Mark Milligan (SVP Marketing) on how building IoT technologies create safer workplaces during COVID-19.

Enlighted: Lighting Is Only the Beginning

Our story starts with a sensor and a mission to change the way we interact with the spaces around us.

The Genesis of Enlighted

Founder and CTO, Tanuj Mohan, dives into the inspiration behind Enlighted, Inc.

Geodis + Enlighted Success Story

Learn how Enlighted customer Geodis transformed their logistics operations with the Enlighted IoT Platform.

Enlighted Schiever Video Case Study

Schiever transformed its warehouse operations, and achieved significant cost savings, with the Enlighted IoT platform.

Siemens Building Technologies and Enlighted, Inc. Partnership

In 2018, Enlighted, Inc proudly announced that they joined the Siemens family. Learn how we are shaping the future of Smart Buildings together.

Enlighted One

Enlighted One is an easy wireless lighting controls solution, delivering quick deployment and cost savings.


The Internet of Many Things

Mark Milligan and EE Journal's Amelia Dalton discuss the future of the internet of things and how the Enlighted platform is looking to redefine what a smart building can be.

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